TETA ® Seminar – (english)

Experience your passion and motivation for leadership and change

The quality of mindset and awareness with which people stand behind their actions and their companies, is crucial to the success of individuals and organizations. However, today more than ever, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are dominating factors of the environment we daily operate in – impacting both ourselves and our organizations.

Unrealistic ambitions, declining preparedness to perform and a lack of commitment and willingness to take risks are often the result. Therefore, becoming aware of your own way and vision, mastering change and fulfilling the need for more agility, empowerment and self-accountability are some of today’s critical leadership tasks. If you want to lead people, you should be a master in leading yourself!

The TETA seminar supports participants in becoming stronger leaders by raising the quality of mindset, awareness and actions to the next level. It utilizes extraordinary real-life exercises, activities and experiments to stimulate change of perspectives and to inspire creative and innovative ways to find solutions.

Join us and experience your passion and motivation for leadership and change.

Objectives and content

  • Gain awareness and understanding of your thinking patterns and behavior
  • Experience the significance of self-management
  • Identify and deal with resistance to change
  • Explore opportunities for own initiative and self-responsibility
  • Develop serenity and the courage to take risks despite complexity and uncertainty
  • Design practical principles for successful leadership and change
  • Expand communication and conflict management skills
Date: 27. November 2024, 18:00 – 30. November 2024, 13:00
Location: Land & Golf Hotel Stromberg, 55442 Stromberg
Facilitator: Matthias Dehne and Therese Kless

For this seminar you invest 2.200,- Euro (plus VAT and hotel costs)
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